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Guan Suisheng

Guan Suisheng

Vice Chairman, North American Contemporary Arts & Calligraphy Association

Guan Sui-Sheng was born in Guangzhou, China, in the year 1958. From his early years, he was an enthusiastic follower of painting and calligraphy. He had the honour to be tutored by Liu Qun-Xing, master of Lingnan School of Chinese Painting. He learned from a number of renowned artists, and he studied in the department of painting, of South China College of Literature and Art. He also, worked for Zhujiang Film Studio as an animation and background designer.

In the 1980’s, he immigrated to Canada and started Shih Tai Arts Gallery, and currently, he is committed to using black thick ink, writing Chinese Calligraphy, and landscape painting. He is a member and consultant of Canada Calligraphy Association. He is a vice president of Canadian Contemporary Art Association.

His work was on exhibited during the ‘Canada Art Show’, the ‘USA Art Show’, ‘New York Art Expo’, and the International Art Exhibition in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tai Wan. His numerous awards include: The Chinese painting ‘Music’ in ‘Canada Day Art Exhibition’, ‘Spring in Great Wall’ in ‘Soul of Huaxia-Ode to the Great Wall International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition’, and the thick black ink painting ‘Summer Days’, in ‘the 7th International Renowned Artists Exhibition’ in Tai Wan. His work has been published in journals, newspapers; ‘Chinese Art Master’, ‘Art China’, ‘Oriental Art in North America’, to name just a few.

Country Canada
Email shihtaiarts@gmail.com
Website www.shihtaiarts.com


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