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Liu Zhengcheng

Liu Zhengcheng

Born August 1946, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, PR China.

Current Posts:

  • The Chairman of International Calligraphers’ Association (since December 2005)

  • Chief Editor "The Collection of Chinese Calligraphy" (100 Volumes in total)

  • Professor of Peking University, Chinese Calligraphy Research Institute (since 2004)

  • Executive of The Culture Working Committee of The Demogracy & Science Party of PR China (since 2008)

Previous Posts:

  • Executive Director "Chinese Calligraphy" Publishing House (1985 – 2002)

  • Vice Secretary of the Association of Chinese Calligraphy (1991 – 2002)

  • Vice Executive Director of China Calligraphy Art Committee (1991 – 2002)


  • The State Council Special Subsidy for Outstanding Academics and Scholars for contribution to Chinese Arts and Calligraphy; Beijing, PR China (since 1992 to present)

  • World Calligraphy Contribution Award by Korean Artist Association and Korean Art and Culture Committee; Seoul, South Korea (1998)

  • Invited to meet President of PR China, Jiang Zheming, as one of the Fifty Outstanding Artists of China Award; Beijing, PR China (2000)

  • Special Contribution to Calligraphy Art Award presented by the Association of Chinese Calligraphers; Beijing, PR China (2001)

  • International Calligraphy Exhibition Award; Seoul, South Korea (2005)

Significant Publications:

  • "The Dictionary of Chinese Calligraphy History"
    -Chief Editor (won the fourth national publication award; 1990, Beijing, PR China)

  • "The Collection of Chinese Calligraphy"
    -Chief Editor (100 volumes in total, currently published 67 volumes)

  • "The Calligraphy Collection of Liu ZhengCheng" (1990)

  • "A Collection of Calligraphy Art Dissertations" Three Volumes (2000)

  • "A Brief History of Calligraphy Art" (2008)

  • "A Collection of Short History Novels" (1990)

  • "A Colourful trip to England" (2006)

Country Corea
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