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Lo Ch’ing

Lo Ch’ing

He has held numerous one-person exhibitions of Chinese ink-color painting and calligraphy at home and abroad, such as Landscape and Asphalt Road, Homage to Palm Trees, UFO and Artists ,China—A Broken Mirror, Landscape of Iron and Steel, Thirty Ten-thousand Series of Landscapes, Viewing Mountain Huang with a Mind Eye, A New Look of the Ancient Cypress, Cantos of Mao-yu Rattan, New Eighteen Dharma, Calling for the Ancients, The Songs of Traveling Stone, New Chinese Painting:A Semiotic Trilogy, One “Man” Cultural Revolution, and Painted Face Calligraphy… etc. With these exhibitions, he has renovated the ink-color painting and calligraphy of the 20th century and opened new windows for those of the 21st . His work of art won him numerous national and international critical acclaims both in the East and the West.

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