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Wang Zhenbang

Wang Zhenbang

Mr. Wang have learned calligraphy for more than 30 years since he was a child.Now he is a PH.D. candidate in Chinese Literature at National Chi-Nan University(Taiwan),and received a government grant to study at the Beijing University’s Calligraphy Art Institute(China).He was honored to be permanently eligible for the Provincial Fine Art Exhibition(calligraphy category).And his calligraphy works have won First Prize at the Taiwan Provincial Civil Officers Art Exhibition and Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition. During the past years for teaching calligraphy,Mr.Wang thought that calligraphy-writing by mou-bi always refilled his mind with vigorous affection,and also guided him to a more peacefully spiritual life. Mr.Wang suggests that if you would like to be an excellent calligrapher,practicing by mou-bi everyday and keeping contact with the ancient calligraphers’ works is always necessary and basic for new learners.

Country Taiwan


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