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Zhang Qiang
Lia Wei

Zhang Qiang

Born in 1962, Shandong province, China.
Residing in Beijing Qiaozi Art Commune/ Chongqing Huangjueping Art District/ Brussels
Prof. in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Dir. of Chongqing research center on contemporary art

Lia Wei

Born in 1986, Alatri, Italy.
Residing in Beijing Qiaozi Art Commune/ Chongqing Huangjueping Art District/ Brussels
Independent scholar, China Min.of Education research project "Great Vacuity Buddha-King"

Collective exhibitions:

  • "Reply to 'Asia'-Contemporary Art Exhibition in Central China" Henan Art Museum (sept 2008)

  • "2008 Sunshine International Annual Art Exhibition" Beijing Sunshine Art Center (sept 2008)

  • "Fushan International Calligraphy Biennale" Fushan, Korea (jan 2009)

  • "Ink Painting Mode and Space" Beijing Songzhuang East District Art Center (jun 2010)

  • "Writing/Unwriting- Hangzhou Modern Calligraphy Biennale" China Acad. of Fine Arts (jul 2010)

  • "Self Awareness- Contemporary Art Exhibition" Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (jul 2010)

  • "From the Mother Language- Contemporary Ink Painting group exhibition" Guangdong Dongguan Art Museum (jun 2011)

  • "The 3rd Yangebo Int. festival of arts" Yangebo village, Weichang county, Hebei prov. (aug 2011)

Personal exhibitions and installations:

  • "Qilin/ Ying Te Na Xiong Nai Er- Peinture de paysages" and " a litterati's studio (in the occasion of Europalia China)" Brussels Sablon, Belgium (oct 2009)

  • " Open Scroll - Palais de Justice" Brussels, Belgium (nov 2009)

  • " Open Scroll - Chi gu zang" Xijiang Miao village, Guizhou province (oct 2010)

  • " Open Scroll - Ideographic Altar" Bishan Temple of Culture, Chongqing (nov 2010)

  • " Open Scroll - Buttes-Chaumont" Paris, France (mar 2011)

Cover publications:

  • " Fine Arts Literature " magazine (jun 2006)

  • " Art Time" magazine (apr 2011)

  • "Art Tip-Top" magazine (aug 2011)

Country Zhang Qiang (China), Lia Wei (Belgium)
City Chongqing / Brussels
Email zongji2002@163.com (only chinese language), liawei@hotmail.com
Website www


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