Presence of China Hainan Sanya 2017 International Contemporary Art Forum International Art Esperience Exhibition

Curator: Zhang Qiang, Yu Li
FeiMo artisti presenti al forum: Nicola Piccioli e Paola Billi
Art Practice Award: Paola Billi


Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, CFZ Ca’ Foscari Zattere – Cultural Flow Zone


Artisti in mostra: Gu Gan, Zhang Dawo, Fan Bingnan, Liu Gang, Pu Lieping, Zhang Qiang & Lia Wei, Dunzi Bin, Yu Li, Wang Xiaoming, Xie Hai, Wang Yong, Ma Kun,
Huang Liang
Location: Magazzino del Sale n.3 / Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia


Arte calligrafica

Istituto Culturale Coreano, Roma
Direttore generale della Biennale di calligrafia mondiale del Jeonbuk, Kim Byeong-gi,
FeiMo artisti: Nicola Piccioli, Paola Billi, Aldo Borgo, Bruno Brugnoli, Daniela Radeglia

Conferenza “Le tre arti maggiori nell'Asia orientale”

Biblioteca Comunale di Fiesole

Workshop “Introduzione alle arti dei letterati”

Università degli Studi di Perugia

Giornata di calligrafia a Forlì

Università di Bologna

Workshop “La calligrafia cinese: arte e cultura”

Pop Up Lab Prato

The 11th World Calligraphy Biennale of Jeollabuk-do 2017

Theme: Purity and Application
say Calligraphy 書, Energy (氣) · Law (法) · The way (道) · Skill (藝)
Participants: 183 artists from 17 countries
FeiMo Artists: Nicola Piccioli, Paola Billi, Aldo Borgo

Confucius Day

Istituto Confucio, Università di Firenze

The 11th Yanyuanbei Exhibition

Many participants from FeiMoSchool Italy

The 20th International Calligraphy Art and Culture Exhibition

Exhibition at Cenacolo di Fuligno in Florence

Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Arts Association in Italy

Performance at Ink Hub

Istituto Confucio, Macerata University

La Montagna - Gli Alberi Le Sorgenti


The 10th Yanyuanbei Exhibition

FeiMo Contempopary Calligraphy
Excellent Organization Award by Peking University

"China and beyond"

University of Perugia

- The origins of the Han culture
- The Anthropology of Writing

Collective Exhibition

The Italian Chinese Poets, Calligraphers and painters Association

The Solo Calligraphy Exhibition

World Calligraphy Biennale of Jeollabuk-do

Workshop by Taidokay at Tuscan Region

Jung Do-Jun
The spirit of lines

Ca' Foscari University Venezia

FeiMoWorks Exhibition

Confucius Institute UCSC Milan

Confucius Institute Day

Confucius Institute Florence
Confucius Institute UCSC Milan
Chinese Calligraphy WORKSHOP & CONTEST

Calligraphy exhibition "Six in One"

Lin Huitang, Ge Yinghui, Wang Zhenbang , Sang Wencai, Yu Fenglei, Zhang Dongming
Jinlongtang Gallery, Beijing

Chinese Painting Exhibition and Workshop by Chen Zhichao

Chinese Cultural Center, Seoul

Calligraphy performance
by Nicola Piccioli and Paola Billi

Sensus Gallery Florence

Restyling project for the garden of the Shinnyoji Soto Zen Temple in Florence

Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the sister city agreement between Florence and Kyoto, the Shinnyoji Temple hosted the Mayor of Kyoto.
Calligraphy by Paola Billi created for the restyling project for the garden of the Shinnyoji Soto Zen Temple in Florence

FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy at Udine

1st Anniversary of Confucius Institute at the University of Florence

Calligraphy Performance by Nicola Piccioli

Florence Korea Film Fest

Open Air Event - Calligraphy Performance

Milan, FeiMoSchool Exhibition
Workshop: Scrivere il bambù

Istituto Confucio dell'Università Cattolica di Milano

China: Writings in comparison

Lecture by Paola Billi& Nicola Piccioli
Spazio Alfieri, Florence

Into the wild cursive

Hu Kangmei's Calligraphy Exhibition
National Art Museum of China

The Word in Art

Living Arts Centre - Mississauga, Ontario
North America Contemporary Arts and Calligraphy Association

Participating Artists:
Paulo Zen Shifu, Chun Song Zheng, He Liang Chen,
Zhen Yu Fu, Jie You

Feeling of Space

by FeiMo International
Boralevi Gallery, Firenze
Paola Billi and Nicola Piccioli with artist Xie Shixiang in Cina

The 11th Asian & African & Mediterranean
International Modern Art Exhibition

Hang Zhou

Confucius Institute Day

Confucius Institute Day Firenze
Workshop by FeiMoSchool - Paola Billi

Confucius Institute Day Milano
FeiMoWorks Exhibition:
Ye Xin, Nicola Piccioli, Paola Billi and Milan FeiMoSchool

11th International Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition

Bangkok, Thailand

Biennale 2014 - Caratteri da Collezione
Mostra Internazionale di Calligrafia Contemporanea in caratteri han


Rivista Zhongguo Shuhua Bolan CINA
Accademia Coreana di Calligrafia COREA
FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy ITALIA

AIAS Gesture and Beyond

Charles Chu Reading Room
Charles E.Shain Library
Connecticut College - New London

Simplicity - Mei Mosheng

Santa Croce Crypt, Florence

Connecting cultures through Chinese Calligraphy

Share Workshop and Social Table Discussion
@ Academy of Fine Arts of Florence
Guest Artist WANG JEN-BANG Taiwan

China Week in Florence

Organized by AACI
Patronage of the Consulate General
of the People's Republic of China in Florence
Calligraphy Workshop by FeiMo
Year of the Horse
Palazzo Medici Riccardi

Italian Chinese Poets, Calligraphers and Painters Association

Art of Ink in America 2013/2014

Godwin-Ternbach Museum, Queens College

FeiMoSchool - Youth Group

Cadorna Elementary School in Florence
Paola Billi Xizi - Nicola Piccioli Huoyun

Paola Billi Xizi - Nicola Piccioli Huoyun

Confucius Institute, Cattolica University Milano

The World Calligraphy Biennale Jeollabuk-do

Paola Billi Xizi, Nicola Piccioli Huoyun, Aldo Borgo, Daniela Radeglia, Marina Lovatti, Bruno Brugnoli

Beijing International Invitational Exhibition

Capital Library of China Beijing
FeiMo Artists:
Paola Billi Xizi, Nicola Piccioli Huoyun, Aldo Borgo

The First International Cutural Festival for Chinese Calligraphy

Capital Normal University, Beijing

The First International Youth Calligraphy Contest

Katuala Dias (FeiMoSchool Italy) was awarded the Second Prize

2013 Gwangju Korea - International Calligraphy Exhibition

Italian Artists: Paola Billi Xizi, Nicola Piccioli Huoyun

The 8th Yanyuanbei Exhibition 2013

many participants from FeiMoSchool Italy

Chinese Calligraphy Art International Exhibition

The 4th International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Chengdu

Calligraphy Workshop
in Han characters: Da Zhuan (大篆)

The School of Shanghai(1840-1920)
Paintings and calligraphy from the Shanghai Museum

Musée Cernuschi, Paris

News report of the NIJIIRO Exhibition in Naples on corean calligraphy magazine Seoyea

April 2013

Italian Artists:
Paola Billi Xizi, Nicola Piccioli Huoyun

NIJIIRO Exhibition: Connecting Lives

Castel dell'Ovo Gallery, Naples

The 10th International Calligraphy Exibition and Convention Malaysia

FeiMo artists:
Nicola Piccioli, Paola Billi, Aldo Borgo

Caratteri da Collezione
Mostra Internazionale di Calligrafia Contemporanea in caratteri han

Consiglio Regionale della Toscana - Palazzo Panciatichi
Gallerie antiquarie e d'arte moderna - Associazione Via Maggio

Zhongguo Shu Hua, art magazine
Korean Academy of Calligraphy
FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy

Download flyer

Chinese and Korean calligraphers and painters Exhibition in Seoul


Saatchi Contemporary Art Museum
Ink is an exhibition featuring the finest examples of contemporary Chinese Ink Art at the Saatchi Gallery. The exhibition, curated by Michael Goedhuis, is the first comprehensive display of this genre, and draws together major examples from distinguished collections around the world.

Calligraphy Exhibition
"Like a wind" Jung Do-Jung in France

Espace Artevie

Lectures at CSAEO Bologna

Centro di Studi d'Arte Estremo-orientale
lectures by Nicola Piccioli President of FeiMo

The artistic value of Chinese Calligraphy -
The Four Treasures of the Study
(18 Apr)

[Zhuanke] Literati seal-engraving (09 Mag)

Zhang Qiang & Lia Wei
new installation in Guangxi

Connecting cultures through Chinese Calligraphy

Florence Milan
Share Workshop and Roundtable Discussions
Quest Artists: Paulo Zheng Shifu, Guan Suisheng, Phoebe Lo

Watch video

Opening Celebration of the Tongyu Calligraphy Park in Jilin

News report

Liu Zhengcheng Calligraphy Exhibition

Beijing Art Museum on the second floor voices Liulichang Rong Bao Zhai, the courtyard can accommodate hundreds of people with aisles are full of people, there are many cultural and arts celebrities, and ordinary lovers of calligraphy, they came in time to, are to see the famous calligrapher Liu Zhengcheng calligraphy exhibition grand opening ceremony...


Paola Billi and Nicola Piccioli
were both born on the SAME DAY, SAME MONTH but not on the same year ;)
Let's party!
Brush rest : Hinamatsuri - 雛祭り
Pair of hand painted Bisquit porcelain figurines.
Private collection


Workshop Instructors:
Zen Master Testugen Serra
Calligraphy Masters Paola Billi, Nicola Piccioli




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소장할 가치가 있는 문자

BIENNALE 2012/2014

Mostra Internazionale di Calligrafia Contemporanea in Caratteri Han


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